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Simoon Fransen

Normal? What is it that we need to do? Combining the Berkana Institute approach and Theory U for a Better Normal

What do I do Now?

The New Normal, how confusing can that be. Let's first dive into the possible meanings of this. Is it about what we notice that is - or has become mainstream? Or is it what we approve or even strive for. And what are the consequences of those different meanings. And what in that theme is the work that needs us doing. How do we engage with this world, connect with its harsh realities, and resolve to keep searching for meaningful work? What is that exactly in the New Normal? During this session we will explore the state of the world, civilization and how the work of coaching can support what might be needed for the future. We will focus on how we can contribute All in a highly interactive way, benefiting from the collective intelligence present in the room!


Simoon has her own company (Source for Change) and works for both Berkana Institute (with Meg Wheatley) and Presencing Institute ( lead by Otto Scharmer, applying the U process in a variety of complex multi stakeholder problems around climate adaptation, sustainable construction and the Water Transition). She combines both worlds in her work as consultant, trainer, teamcoach and facilitator. She bridges the Awareness Based Systems Change with the framework of Meg’s current work; training Warriors for the Human Spirit for which Simoon is he Program Officer.

She lives on her small farm in the Netherlands with her family and many animals, including a small herd of horses. She is trained in Biomimicry, also as an equine assisted coach and recently became beekeeper. This all comes from her deep love for Nature, trained for years with the world’s first environmentalist John P.Milton from The Way of Nature.

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