Peter Hayward

Cultivating a Leadership Mindset in times of Crises

In this session we will explore how to build, cultivate & foster a mindset that allows leaders and their organizations to be at their best and thrive in times of change, transition and massive disruption.  We will share some of the things Intel has been doing to enable and inspire its leaders and their organizations over the last 9 months and talk about some of the challenges we faced in this space.  We will also be inviting you to learn and experience best known methods from   each other so you can leave the session with inspiration on how to position yourself & your clients  for new challenges.


20 Years of Intel experience across multiple functions and since 2010 Learning and Development Manager and organizational Coach in the Sales & Marketing People Organisation. Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & trained Organizations & Systems Coach (ORSC) with 2500 Hours of Team & Leadership Coaching and former Director of Intel’s  EMEA Coaching Program.