James Dillon

Sharing strategic perspectives for coaches: 5 key take-aways from the conference

30+ years in France, bilingual, business consultant / professional coach since 2000 at Microsoft,
working on decisive actions to develop Leadership and Talent strategies and solutions.

My qualities
as a coach and facilitator have been proven in the following fields: finance, telecommunications,
information systems, electronics, construction, aeronautics and medical.

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Sharing strategic perspectives for coaches

  1. allenging business leaders in COVID-Times… and how can coaches enable them to1. What’s ch

  2. overcome these challenges?

  3.  Re-thinking the problem-solving paradigm.

  4.  How leaders emulate our coaching behavior and practices.

  5. Re-designing the “classic” Leadership Development Program.

  6. Why is re-framing so difficult for leaders… yet so indispensable today?