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What are coaches being called to do? How the more-than-human world of our shared ecology can be a conscious part of every coaching conversation.

Climate Change and the ecological crisis is one of the most daunting challenges we face as the human species.  We each bear responsibility and can take actions and our role as coaches gives often unique access to leaders who are central to how the future plays out in the short timescale left (scientists believe to 2030) where we may mitigate some of the effects of our heating globe.   
The Covid-19 pandemic underlines the depth of the interdependence between parts of our society and the natural world.  This has often transformed both thinking and responses – just a few weeks before our talk, the Climate Coaching Alliance will have hosted a second 24-hour conversation, exploring the practices coaches are developing engaging Earth as a stakeholder in our work.  
So how do we use this opportunity to harvest the learning that the unfolding climate and ecological crises present? Together we’ll explore how the more-than-human world of our shared ecology can be a conscious part of every coaching conversation, share frameworks and opportunities for practice development.


Stephan is a researcher with a focus on behavior change marketing, ethics and social change, and the founder of an ecoproject based in Portugal.  As a coach Stephan works mostly with LGBTQ+ individuals, organisations and social enterprises, and he is a trustee of two charities in this area.  Stephan holds a PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology, and has published 10 books, including Marketing Ethics and Society, Handbook of Marketing Ethics (both Sage) and Social Marketing (Pearson). 

11. - 12. November 2021

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