Dr. Dorothee Kaiser

“Play your Bigger Game” – Discover a playful and powerful coaching tool for individual and team coaching

Dr. Dorothee Kaiser, holding a PHD degree in linguistics, is a certified co-active coach (CPCC and PCC), trainer and key note speaker working in four languages. As she has been living and working abroad in different countries, she is very inspired by diversity of any type, therefore her professional focus lies on international leadership and team development. Dorothee works with corporate clients, with NGOs (GIZ, Fairtrade, FMO) and in the public sector (universities, hospitals, Red Cross). She is associate partner of the international coaching company “Leadership Choices”.

Dorothee is the first certified Bigger Game trainer in Germany and wants to bring more playfulness, deeper connection and a purpose driven leadership to the corporate world.


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Bigger Game methodology

In this interactive session, Dorothee presents the Bigger Game methodology, created by Rick Tamlyn and Laura Witworth. This playful tool inspires leaders worldwide to get out of their comfort zones and create intentional positive change. A core belief of this approach is that if you focus on your “Bigger Game” rather than on achieving bigger goals, a dramatic shift will occur and your game will design who you want to become.

Reminiscent of a simple tic-tac-toe board, the Bigger Game was designed for individual and team coaching from the premise that life itself is a game and that you can start to “play big” from any perspective. The game board helps you to get quickly into deeper conversations about your compelling purpose, your needs and fears and how you want to realize your “Bigger Game”.

In this bar camp session, Dorothee will explain the basic concepts of this tool and will play around them together with you to give you a taste of its impact.