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Åsa Jarskog

Inner Development Goals – calibrating our inner compass to reach a sustainable world.

The Sustainable Development Goals were created as a roadmap to a sustainable future.


We are now creating the Inner Development Goals - a framework of the capabilities, qualities, and skills that are needed to achieve the 17 goals. Our aim is to educate, inspire and empower people to be a positive force for change in society, in their own lives and those around them, and at the same time find purpose and meaning in their lives.


The IDGs provide a collective framework that helps us to solve complex problems. It serves as a useful compass that encourages personal growth for everyone. This is especially useful for formal and informal leaders driving change I in public, private and civil society organisations.


Åsa is responsible for Global Outreach of the Inner Development Goals Initiative.


She holds an MBA from Lund University and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris,  and has over 30 years working experience within Leadership and Organisational Development in 55 countries in 5 continents.


A skilled trainer and certified coach and a much demanded mentor,  working with prominent leaders throughout the world, Åsa is CEO of Global Leadership for Sustainable Development and President of the Sweden Africa Chamber. Åsa has worked with prominent leaders such as Dalai Lama, Koffi Annan, Klaus Schwab and  Nelson Mandela.


She regularly conducts  leadership “Escapes” in various parts of the world , integrating the learnings in body and mind through nature quests, meditation and yoga.

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